Puzzled by Legionella and Plumbing Materials?

Nov 8, 2023 | Puzzled by Legionella Webinars


Wednesday, December 6 @ Noon EST

The different materials that compose plumbing systems, such as PEX or copper, create diverse environments that affect the growth of Legionella and other opportunistic premise plumbing pathogens. This occurs both directly, and indirectly, through biological, chemical, and ecological mechanisms, or even interactions thereof. This presentation will summarize the key ways that pipe materials impact the growth of drinking water pathogens—be they well established, plausible, or needing more investigation.

Abraham Cullom, PhD
Director, Water Safety and Managment, Special Pathogens Laboratory

Abraham Cullom, PhD is the Director of Water Safety and Management at the Special Pathogens Laboratory. He came to SPL after earning a PhD in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech, co-advised by Drs. Amy Pruden and Marc Edwards. During his academic journey, Dr. Cullom was awarded the coveted NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, as well as an IIE-GIRE Fellowship to perform research at the prestigious KWR Water Research Institute in The Netherlands. His peer-reviewed research has elucidated the impact of the in-building plumbing environment on important opportunistic pathogens, antibiotic resistance, and microbial ecology. He is well-versed in analytical methods as fundamental as culture and as advanced as contemporary metagenomics.


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