Puzzled by Legionella micdadei and other Legionella species?

May 10, 2023 | Puzzled by Legionella Webinars

Wednesday, June 7 @ Noon EDT

Dr. William Pasculle will briefly describe the discovery of Legionella micdadei, the second pathogenic species in the genus. He will describe the spectrum of diseases it has caused and efforts to control it in the hospital environment. Dr. Pasculle will also discuss other Legionella species and their role in human disease.

William Pasculle, ScD
Dr. Pasculle is Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Associate Professor of Microbiology and Infectious Disease at the School of Public Health. He also served as medical director of the UPMC Presbyterian Clinical Microbiology Laboratory in which capacity he discovered Legionella micdadei in 1978. It was the second pathogenic species to be recognized in the genus. In honor of his discovery and subsequent research on legionellosis, the CDC designated one subspecies of Legionella pneumophila as L. pneumophila subspecies pascullei. Over the course of 43 years he published 120 scientific papers and several book chapters dealing with Legionella and other aspects of microbiology and infectious disease. He also taught several generations of pathology residents, medical students and students of the health professions.


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