Puzzled by Evaporative Air-Cooling Devices? October 26, 2022

Oct 12, 2022 | Events, Puzzled by Legionella Webinars

Wednesday, October 26 @ Noon EDT

Evaporative air-cooling devices cool and humidify air by evaporating water into the air. For processes that use a large quantity of unrecirculated air, evaporative cooling is a simple, safe, and cost-effective method for cooling the air. The evaporative air coolers as well as cooling towers mix air and water by running water over a high surface area media and drawing air across the media. In some cases, the water is sprayed by high efficiency nozzles directly into the air stream. Cooling towers have been implicated in Legionnaire’s Disease outbreaks but evaporative air coolers have not. You will learn more about the operational differences and how these differences make evaporative coolers a very low risk for Legionnaire’s disease.


Patricia Graef, PE, Fellow ASHRAE, LEED GA
Scientist (retired)
Munters Corporation



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