Puzzled by Legionella and UV? October 12, 2022

Sep 26, 2022 | Events, Puzzled by Legionella Webinars

Wednesday, October 12 @ Noon EDT

This webinar will discuss the inactivation of various clinical and environmental L. pneumophila serogroups using a UV-C LED collimated beam and a point-of-entry (POE), flow-through device. Results indicate that although UV-C LED disinfection is effective, variations in L. pneumophila inactivation, wavelengths, and technology applications should be considered, especially when targeting specific isolates within drinking water systems.  This is especially warranted since UV LED technology is being increasingly applied in drinking water treatment to address the public health concern of L. pneumophila and other waterborne pathogens in these systems.


Helen Buse, PhD
Office of Research and Development, Center for Environmental Solutions and Emergency Response
Environmental Protection Agency



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